General Information


Term 1: 30th January - 13th April

Term 2: 30th April - 6th July

Term 3: 23rd July - 28th September

Term 4: 15th October - 14th December

Enrolments: Please enrol your children with the office staff at our main office. If your child is starting school for the first time we require a Birth Certificate to confirm your child’s date of birth and name, relevant health details, and your child’s Immunisation Certificate. We will also invite you to meet the Principal and Syndicate Leaders.

New Entrant Enrolments: Before your child turns five, you will be contacted and given dates for your visits on a Friday from 8.50 – 10.30am. On your first visit, you will be given a pack which has information about our school, a health card and stationery requirements.

The Board of Trustees ask that parents make an annual donation of $140 per child. The Board of Trustees uses the income from your school donation to supplement the Operations Grant provided by the Government. This allows for our school to be well resourced and offer your child the very best learning opportunities. Please enquire at the school office about paying your school donation in instalments.

The school office has Eftpos facilities to enable parents quick and easy payment of School Donations, Post School Fees and other related expenses. There is no ‘cash out’ facility.

From time to time issues of concern may arise. The first person you should speak to should be your child’s teacher, who will work with you to resolve the issue.
If concerns persist, the Syndicate Leader will be able to assist.
Junior Syndicate – Janice Macdonald
Middle Syndicate – Mary Holder
Senior Syndicate – Amanda Dennison
If issues are still not resolved, please contact the school office and make an appointment to see the Principal.

The school operates a Child Safety Check to ensure children arrive at school safely. You MUST call Child Safety Check – 3581092 if your child is going to be late or absent. If your child is late for school (after 8.50am) he/she must report to the school office to have his/her name checked off.
It is essential to make sure that your contact details; address and phone numbers are kept up to date with the school office staff. You can update contact details at any time by calling at the school office between 8.30am and 4.00pm, or phoning on 3581092 or emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

8.30am School grounds open for children to arrive at school.
8.50am School starts.
10.30am Morning interval.
10.50am Classes restart.
12.30pm Supervised lunch eating.
12.40pm Lunch break.
1.30pm Classes restart.
3.00pm School ends.

The following methods are used to communicate information to the school community:
· Assemblies
· Newsletter issued each Wednesday
· Facebook Page
· School Sign on College Street
· TV Monitor in the office foyer
· School Website
· Parent Teacher Association meetings (Wednesday – usually twice per term)
· Parent Information Evenings
· Three-way Conferences


An after school activity programme operates five days per week from 3.00pm – 5.30pm. A wide variety of activities are included in the programme, from art and craft to sports. Children must be enrolled in order to attend this programme. Further information regarding enrolment and cost can be obtained from the school office.

Within the school programme, children have opportunities to become members of a choir, kapa haka, band, and chorale. Lessons are provided with a range of instruments including violin, drums, piano, keyboard and guitar. These lessons are provided by outside tutors at a cost.
There are Jump Jam dance groups in the Middle and Senior Syndicates.

A number of Senior Syndicate children who have attended the Young Leaders Conference form our team of Young Leaders. These children work under the guidance of two staff members. They plan and run events for the whole school throughout the year.

The school is proactive in promoting involvement in team sports throughout the year. The school organises teams to enter competitions, either on a Saturday morning or after school in the following sports.
• Cricket • Hockey • Netball • Basketball • Touch
All children from Year 1 onward are encouraged to participate in all sports regardless of gender. Rugby and soccer are club based. Beginning of season registrations are published in the school newsletter and local newspapers.


The school also has the following annual sporting events:

  • Athletic Sports - Whole School Standards Meet + Open Championships (November)
  • Cross Country - Year 3 - 6 at Ongley Park – Competitive and Non Competitive, Year 1 - 2 at School (Term 2)
  • Swimming Sports - Year 5 - 6 at Lido - Competitive and Non-Competitive (Late Term 4)

The school newsletter is sent home with the eldest child from each family every Wednesday. This is the main form of communication between school and home. We urge you to read it very carefully.The newsletter is also posted on the school website each week. Parents are free to use the newsletter to promote child-based activities within the school community. Items to be included in the Wednesday News should be emailed to the school office by 4.00pm on Tuesday.


Students in Year 2 - 6 are encouraged to bring their own device to school.

The effective integration of digital technology can have a transformative effect on learning. Children who bring their own device to school may use them to:
  • craft their writing on Google Docs.
  • use websites such as Studyladder and Mathletics to support their learning across the curriculum.
  • communicate their learning in multiple and creative ways. For example, making an animation, creating a graphic design, filming and editing a movie etc.
  • use the internet to find information for research tasks.

The College Street Normal School Board of Trustees is committed to ensuring that all children have access to a range of devices. Classes will continue to have a limited number of school-owned devices available for all children to use. BYOD is optional, not compulsory.

With our blended approach to learning, all children are still required to purchase their stationery requirements for the year. As well as using digital technology, children will continue to use books for reading, spelling, writing, maths and integration learning. The digital devices are a tool and will be used when they are the most suitable tool for learning.

Approved Devices
If you are purchasing a new device or your child has one of the following devices at home they can bring it to school:

Year 2 Students in 2018

  • Apple iPad 2 or newer
  • Apple iPad Mini
  • Apple iPad Air
  • Apple iPad Pro

Year 3 - 6 Students in 2018

  • Apple iPad 2 or newer (includes Apple iPad Mini, Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad Pro)
  • Apple MacBook (OSX 10.6 or newer)
  • Apple MacBook Air
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Chromebook

Teachers will do their best to minimise the risk of devices being stolen or broken and will encourage children at all times to take responsibility for their device. Insurance and repairs are the total responsibility of parents/caregivers. The school will not take any responsibility for stolen or broken devices. Please ensure you check the conditions of your insurance policy before signing the BYOD User Agreement.

Requirements for BYOD
If your child would like to bring their own device to school please complete the following documentation which is available from the School Office.
• BYOD Parent/Caregiver Agreement
• BYOD Student Agreement

Recommended apps for children who bring their own iPad to School
• iMovie $6.49
• I Can Animate $4.19
• Puppet Pals HD $6.49 • Comic Life $6.49
• Show Me (Free)
• Pic Collage (Free)
• Mathletics (Free)
• Google Drive (Free)
• Google Docs (Free)

All children who bring their own device to school are required to have Google Chrome as their internet browser and also the following apps installed on their device.
• Google Drive
• Google Docs
• Google Slides
• Google Sheets

As we trial other applications we will add to the recommended list so parents may also like to purchase an additional $20 iTunes Card so that they can purchase any new recommended apps throughout the year.