Message from the Principal

A warm welcome back to everyone for the 2018 school year, particularly to families that are new to College Street. On the first morning of school our new families were accorded a traditional Maori welcome. In my welcoming address I made mention to the school’s new vision statement Engage | Explore | Empower to help emphasise the importance of all stakeholders engaging fully in the life of the school. Reference was also made to the children being hugely advantaged when students, teachers and parents work closely together.

As the year unravels, learners at CSNS will be exposed to a teaching style that is increasingly future focused. For example, every attempt will be made to personalise student learning and in doing this develop each child’s competencies, values and knowledge. Also this year, every attempt will be made both visually and through our pedagogy to bring life to our new vision statement Engage | Explore | Empower. We believe that last year after much discussion amongst ourselves and with parents this vision statement will provide valuable direction for the journey ahead. A huge thank you to Simone Viljoen and others on the staff who have worked hard over the holidays to visually encapsulate the school’s new vision. This work very soon will become obvious both around the school and on school documentation. This term’s Integrated Unit focuses on developing all children’s understanding around our vision statement, the six Learner Competencies and our School Values. Parents can expect to see and hear lots more about the future of education at College Street this year. We are all very excited and committed to our new vision.