Students in Year 2 - 6 are encouraged to bring their own device to school. The effective integration of digital technology can have a transformative effect on learning. Children who bring their own device to school may use them to:

  • Craft their writing on Google Docs.
  • Use websites such as Studyladder and Mathletics to support their learning across the curriculum.
  • Communicate their learning in multiple and creative ways. For example, making an animation, creating a graphic design, filming and editing a movie etc.
  • Use the internet to find information for research tasks.

The College Street Normal School Board of Trustees is committed to ensuring that all children have access to a range of devices. Classes will continue to have a limited number of school-owned devices available for all children to use. BYOD is optional, not compulsory. With our blended approach to learning, all children are still required to purchase their stationery requirements for the year. As well as using digital technology, children will continue to use books for reading, spelling, writing, maths and integration learning. The digital devices are a tool and will be used when they are the most suitable tool for learning.

Approved Devices

If you are purchasing a new device or your child has one of the following devices at home they can bring it to school:

Year 2 Students in 2018

  • Apple iPad 2 or newer
  • Apple iPad Mini
  • Apple iPad Air
  • Apple iPad Pro

Year 3 - 6 Students in 2018

  • Apple iPad 2 or newer (includes Apple iPad Mini, Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad Pro)
  • Apple MacBook (OSX 10.6 or newer)
  • Apple MacBook
  • Air Apple MacBook Pro Chromebook


Teachers will do their best to minimise the risk of devices being stolen or broken and will encourage children at all times to take responsibility for their device. Insurance and repairs are the total responsibility of parents/caregivers. The school will not take any responsibility for stolen or broken devices. Please ensure you check the conditions of your insurance policy before signing the BYOD User Agreement.

Requirements for BYOD

If your child would like to bring their own device to school please complete the following documentation which is available from the School Office.

  • BYOD Parent/Caregiver Agreement
  • BYOD Student Agreement

Recommended apps for children who bring their own iPad to School

  • iMovie $6.49
  • I Can Animate $4.19
  • Puppet Pals HD $6.49
  • Comic Life $6.49
  • Show Me (Free)
  • Pic Collage (Free)
  • Mathletics (Free)
  • Google Drive (Free)
  • Google Docs (Free)

All children who bring their own device to school are required to have Google Chrome as their internet browser and also the following apps installed on their device.

  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • Google Sheets

As we trial other applications we will add to the recommended list so parents may also like to purchase an additional $20 iTunes Card so that they can purchase any new recommended apps throughout the year.